Chinoiserie is the evocation of Chinese motifs and techniques in Western art, furniture, and architecture, especially in the 18th century. The featureless silhouette figures of “reVisit Chinoiserie,” clothed in traditional costume and Elizabethan ruff, capture the fusion of different cultures and influences that took place in Hong Kong. Chinoiserie has become a discipline in its own right. As a separate art form, it actually can reinforce and strengthen the stand-alone its value of Eastern and Western portions. Hong Kong is a place of continuous transition and cultural amalgamation. Just as Chinoiserie has emerged with its own distinctive character, so to the people of Hong Kong struggle to create an individuality, originality, and identity of their own, stronger and more vital as a union fashioned from their diversity.

reVisit Chinoiserie | 2023 | Ink, acrylic, fiber paste on printed linen | Two panel: 118 x 54 in. (300 x 137 cm) each | Overall dimension 118 x 108 in. (300 x 274 cm)

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