Who is the dreamer | 2006 | Synthetic hair, chair, crystal globe, silk | 60 x 53 x 83 in. (150 x 135 x 210 cm)

Annysa Ng Atelier. Copyright © 2023.  All Rights Reserved.

Hair is weaved into the form of a pillow or an abstract representation of the skull to symbolize where dreams begin and the conscious subsides. Western psychologist Carl Jung said dreams are the window to the unconscious. The Chinese ancient philosopher Zhuangzi had a famous dream in which he dreamed that he was a butterfly. After awakening, he wonders how he can determine whether he was Zhuangzi dreaming that he was a butterfly or if a butterfly is now dreaming he is Zhuangzi. In this installation, hair braids tangle and butterflies take the seat of Zhuangzi. Who is the dreamer who dreams the dream?